AffirmationChallenge- Day 4 [Setbacks]

I very much like this task of Day 4, as I got to learn a lot from Celestine Chua’s article where she mentioned about Newton’s third law. I have always learnt about it in college or university but it never came to my mind that one day I might actually relate it to this context where you are actually applying the force on the environment which in turn exerts back this force in form of a resistance force. So it goes against you creating obstacles. Moreover the bigger your dreams, the  more complicated are the obstacles.

There are two problems I am currently facing:

1. To control my anger – However it’s hard to manage it in certain circumstances, I feel either too excited or weak to be happy and it’s really obvious when I am angry.

2. To lose weight which is so difficult like I mentioned in the post for Day 3. I have a big temptation for food, say food cravings which I can’t definitely resist. I eat for emotional reasons, or whenever I feel stressed or even when I’m happy.

Creating a positive belief to help me overcome these obstacles:

1. As mentioned before, I am concentrating on the Law of attraction for weight loss, the pictures are already there on my vision board and I sincerely believe i will overcome this problem soon, without any difficulty as in previous situations.

2. Whenever I’m angry, I try to find some other tasks to do rather than creating a fight which will eventually hurt me more. So i decide to watch more of these law of attraction videos on You Tube to manage my anger. I can spend hours visualizing these powerful subliminal videos since they have created great wonders in my life.

“I’ve the power to overcome any obstacle that stands in my way.”





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