AffirmationChallenge- Day 3 [Ability]

Today’s task consists of clearing the self-limiting beliefs in my goal or dream and to identify some steps to make it happen.

I have many dreams and goals that are still in a pending mode in my mind. I feel unmotivated to continue to pursue those dreams certainly because i have tried in the past and failed several times, leading to a big disappointment. But today, I will definitely address each of the root cause for these blockages which are certainly driving my goals far away from me.

Here is the list of dreams and goals and the reasons I’m not pursuing them:

1. I want to lose weight but I can’t seem to do it appropriately since I easily pick the weight up soon after a particular diet. I definitely feel discouraged to move forward.

2. I really do want to start my blog and do some writing, but I feel that I should be well prepared like a professional writer to start writing. Besides I have already planned on several occasions about starting to write my books, but I always find an excuse to underestimate my writing skills.

Now it’s time to change this self limiting belief and take actions for this to happen:

1. I can easily lose weight, I just need more motivation from others. I am ready to start a good relationship with my food. Already I have several pictures of healthy food and exercises on my vision board, and I would certainly work on my visualisation and focus so that the universe manifests my wish. Besides this blog of mine will certainly help me keep a record of my future diets.

2. When I created this blog to carry out the affirmation challenge, I felt like now I’m going to be the writer I always wanted to be. I will definitely start writing no matter how, and will certainly make a successful blog with my ebooks published in it.

“I can achieve anything I want, as long as I set my heart to it.”



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