Affirmation challenge- Day 1(New Beginning)

Today i started my first day for the affirmation challenge on celestine chua website. The reason why im participating in this 15day challenge is to ensure the surrounding of positive vibes in my life and to get rid of all the inner thoughts that are constantly consuming my brain leaving me fearful and insecure even depressed.

The first task for today is to discover and write down a belief that is tormenting me and to change this negative thought forever and to finally be grateful to the new positive substituted thought.

My problem: For ages i have suffered from fear of losing loved ones-be it my parents or a loved partner. This fear has been brought to my awareness after painful breakups in the past. I am fully conscious that betrayal or cheating has not created this fear but it has always been present inside me well before. Till then i have put a certain barrier in my life where i try to hide whenever i come across situations whether in a movie or book which i prefer to avoid and later choose to hate it. Even though i am having a healthy perfect relationship with K,sometimes this fear of restoring faith in my relationship simply crops up and leaves me moody and unhappy pushing myself to create all sorts of doubts in my head. If a movie is about heartbreak or cheating i might just turn off my laptop and go to bed sad and moody.So how do i eradicate this fear forever? The answer has been found thanks to Celestine.

Remedy: Why am i being influenced by those fictitious story? Why am i being disturbed to read stories which deal with painful love story? I have a happily married life and there’s nothing to be afraid about. I have a faithful, sincere and loyal husband who makes me smile all the times. These fears are false perceptions of my life and it doesnt necessarily mean i will endure the same thing as in a movie. I will enjoy everything openly without having to hide as im happily letting go of all these fears in my head. So in brief limiting area is in my relationship and the specific limiting belief fear of losing and being depressed afterwards with worry, so i hide away. Changed belief is that to let go of these feelings and not to hide away. These situations will never affect my life in any way. My life and relationships are untouched and peaceful here.

Today is a brand new day.
My past does not define me.
My future is mine to create.





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