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Affirmation challenge-Day 5 [Gratitude]

Last month I downloaded an application on my iphone and it’s called ‘gratitudeDiary’.  In this application, you can write down all the things that you are grateful for any time you want and as much as you want. And today, seeing this affirmation challenge has really made me realise how trivial it is to be grateful for everything in life and that we can’t actually take everything for granted.

1. The three things I tend to take for granted: My wedding, my family and my precious time.

2. The 10 things that I’m grateful for in my life: my wedding, my husband, my family, my niece Katrina, my healthy body, my beautiful hair and skin, my house, my coffeemaker, Ping, and my time.

3. I’m grateful to have such a wonderful husband and I want to give him a big hug tonight and thank him for being him and making me happy.

I’m grateful to have such a healthy body, and I thank it and tell it that i love it, and will always care for it.

I’m grateful for the precious time given by God and I want to use it to learn maximum of things, to look after my family and to become a professional writer, and run a successful blog.

“I’m grateful for everything in my life”

Affirmation Challenge, Day 5 [Gratitude]: "I'm grateful for everything in my life."



AffirmationChallenge- Day 4 [Setbacks]

I very much like this task of Day 4, as I got to learn a lot from Celestine Chua’s article where she mentioned about Newton’s third law. I have always learnt about it in college or university but it never came to my mind that one day I might actually relate it to this context where you are actually applying the force on the environment which in turn exerts back this force in form of a resistance force. So it goes against you creating obstacles. Moreover the bigger your dreams, the  more complicated are the obstacles.

There are two problems I am currently facing:

1. To control my anger – However it’s hard to manage it in certain circumstances, I feel either too excited or weak to be happy and it’s really obvious when I am angry.

2. To lose weight which is so difficult like I mentioned in the post for Day 3. I have a big temptation for food, say food cravings which I can’t definitely resist. I eat for emotional reasons, or whenever I feel stressed or even when I’m happy.

Creating a positive belief to help me overcome these obstacles:

1. As mentioned before, I am concentrating on the Law of attraction for weight loss, the pictures are already there on my vision board and I sincerely believe i will overcome this problem soon, without any difficulty as in previous situations.

2. Whenever I’m angry, I try to find some other tasks to do rather than creating a fight which will eventually hurt me more. So i decide to watch more of these law of attraction videos on You Tube to manage my anger. I can spend hours visualizing these powerful subliminal videos since they have created great wonders in my life.

“I’ve the power to overcome any obstacle that stands in my way.”




AffirmationChallenge- Day 3 [Ability]

Today’s task consists of clearing the self-limiting beliefs in my goal or dream and to identify some steps to make it happen.

I have many dreams and goals that are still in a pending mode in my mind. I feel unmotivated to continue to pursue those dreams certainly because i have tried in the past and failed several times, leading to a big disappointment. But today, I will definitely address each of the root cause for these blockages which are certainly driving my goals far away from me.

Here is the list of dreams and goals and the reasons I’m not pursuing them:

1. I want to lose weight but I can’t seem to do it appropriately since I easily pick the weight up soon after a particular diet. I definitely feel discouraged to move forward.

2. I really do want to start my blog and do some writing, but I feel that I should be well prepared like a professional writer to start writing. Besides I have already planned on several occasions about starting to write my books, but I always find an excuse to underestimate my writing skills.

Now it’s time to change this self limiting belief and take actions for this to happen:

1. I can easily lose weight, I just need more motivation from others. I am ready to start a good relationship with my food. Already I have several pictures of healthy food and exercises on my vision board, and I would certainly work on my visualisation and focus so that the universe manifests my wish. Besides this blog of mine will certainly help me keep a record of my future diets.

2. When I created this blog to carry out the affirmation challenge, I felt like now I’m going to be the writer I always wanted to be. I will definitely start writing no matter how, and will certainly make a successful blog with my ebooks published in it.

“I can achieve anything I want, as long as I set my heart to it.”


Affirmation challenge- Day 2(Self-Love)

This is Day 2 of the challenge. I sincerely did not have time to tackle each challenge on their specific day as appeared on Celestine Website, but it’s amazing that Celestine has provided a break for some of us to catch up with the challenge.

So let’s begin with the task:

 Well for ages I have created this direct self-hate  without really being conscious. I was always a lonely child with few friends ( sometimes if I had friends, I would soon discover they betrayed me and hated me), therefore I was stuck in my inner little world where I would seek refuge, but I did not know that I would allow myself to harbor both good and bad thoughts  about myself( most of them being bad). I had serious trouble when it came to my looks, my physical body( I used to have some skin problems) or my behaviour. I would look at myself as a totally different child, I couldn’t behave like them, I considered myself as a sad child with too much to worry at such a tender age. I would cry and spent hours to ask God why He did not make me like others, beautiful perfect looks without flaws, and with  a more versatile behaviour like my friends. Sometimes I was bullied by some friends, and hated by some teachers and this traumatic experience has made me hate myself even more. My only ability was that of my academic tasks , my school work. I would only concentrate on my studies and family since these two factors were the only peace and happiness I would get in my life.

Today when I see myself writing these self-hating thoughts down here, I can realise how wrong I was and how much I have been tormenting myself in a very negative way. I feel like I’ve hurt my  soul too much and now is time to change all these thoughts. I have come to love myself, my physical appearance  so much right after I met my soulmate who is now my husband. He made me see myself as a beautiful person in all ways.  What if my friends did not see the perfect behaviour in me? What if my teacher hated me and always underestimate my academic ability?  It does not make any difference now. I am proud to be what I am today. I am caring, loving and nice. Some people always compliment me of my loyal, calm and sweet nature. It is just that right from the beginning, I never met the right people in my life. For the teacher who made bad remarks on me, I forgive him for whatever happened. Finally I grew up to be a teacher and now I will try to teach others how to love themselves instead of creating self-hates.

Action step to love myself today:

    • Buy myself this beautiful organizer that I’ve been eyeing for a while, that will be a crucial tool in planning my goals and action steps.
  • Read this book that I’ve been meaning to read but have been putting off for a while.
  • Give myself a hug.

“I love myself unconditionally.”








Affirmation challenge- Day 1(New Beginning)

Today i started my first day for the affirmation challenge on celestine chua website. The reason why im participating in this 15day challenge is to ensure the surrounding of positive vibes in my life and to get rid of all the inner thoughts that are constantly consuming my brain leaving me fearful and insecure even depressed.

The first task for today is to discover and write down a belief that is tormenting me and to change this negative thought forever and to finally be grateful to the new positive substituted thought.

My problem: For ages i have suffered from fear of losing loved ones-be it my parents or a loved partner. This fear has been brought to my awareness after painful breakups in the past. I am fully conscious that betrayal or cheating has not created this fear but it has always been present inside me well before. Till then i have put a certain barrier in my life where i try to hide whenever i come across situations whether in a movie or book which i prefer to avoid and later choose to hate it. Even though i am having a healthy perfect relationship with K,sometimes this fear of restoring faith in my relationship simply crops up and leaves me moody and unhappy pushing myself to create all sorts of doubts in my head. If a movie is about heartbreak or cheating i might just turn off my laptop and go to bed sad and moody.So how do i eradicate this fear forever? The answer has been found thanks to Celestine.

Remedy: Why am i being influenced by those fictitious story? Why am i being disturbed to read stories which deal with painful love story? I have a happily married life and there’s nothing to be afraid about. I have a faithful, sincere and loyal husband who makes me smile all the times. These fears are false perceptions of my life and it doesnt necessarily mean i will endure the same thing as in a movie. I will enjoy everything openly without having to hide as im happily letting go of all these fears in my head. So in brief limiting area is in my relationship and the specific limiting belief fear of losing and being depressed afterwards with worry, so i hide away. Changed belief is that to let go of these feelings and not to hide away. These situations will never affect my life in any way. My life and relationships are untouched and peaceful here.

Today is a brand new day.
My past does not define me.
My future is mine to create.